Firstly, I welcome you to my blog MPATEL DIGITAL. I am Mukesh Patel, founder and professional blogger and the men who are also behind Actual Post.


MPATEL DIGITAL is a blog where you can find awesome blogging and website-related news and information. My name focus is writing on SEO, blogging, website speed and optimization etc.

Why I started this blog?

The main questing is why I started this blog where there a lot of blog already in the market and there is enough information are available over the internet.

So the answer is to provide transparent information. My aim to provide my best knowledge to you, not according to how much I can earn more. My aim to provide you with the best over the internet.

Mukesh Patel -  Founder. About us.

About Mukesh Patel

I am a 20-year-old hopeful and idealistic. I am a blogger and founder of this blog. I started my blogging journey form 2016 and officially from 10 Dec 2016.

I created my first blog to just to do something new than others. I was in my 11th class where I started where I share Hindi content.

And after a whole three years, I started a separate blogging related blog where I can exclusively share blogging related content. Now, I am the owner of over three blogs and more are coming soon.